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Buddy Rhodes Products

Buddy Rhodes Products is proud to announce that we are now offering the Buddy Rhodes line of concrete products. We chose the line because it’s easy to fabricate tops using their products. As I watched the training DVD I noticed that all the tools in the background were tools our fabricators already had in their shops. All you need is a table saw, a large form table, melamine for forms, a drill and imagination. Offering the line also means we can now offer a turnkey solution to those of you interested in fabricating not only concrete countertops but concrete creations limited only by your imagination. You will see that we offer the concrete mix, the colors, the tools and the training. Take some time to look through this section carefully and give us a call with any question you may have.  The investment is minimal and returns can be great. Concrete countertops are still in their infancy and offering them to your customers can open doors to other projects.

The Artist
A former ceramist with a craftsman’s interest in architectural integrity, Buddy developed a way to meld the warmth and earthy handmade quality of pottery with the strength, versatility and architectural applicability of concrete.
Experimenting extensively in the early stages of product development, Buddy learned how to solve many of the problems of adapting concrete to new applications. Natural elements inherent in the material’s nature had to be addressed. The cracking, warping, coloring consistency, sealing and psi strength, which those new to concrete fabrication must address, were among the issues he worked hard to resolve.

The Business
In 2004, Buddy brought out his Concrete Mix, product line and training program to help meet the demand for quality concrete countertops on a national level.
While contractors and homeowners can now access Buddy’s product development and practiced understanding of finished concrete via custom products and trained artisans in their regions, Buddy’s Studio still takes on custom projects out of the home office in San Francisco.

The Product
The material is made entirely out of cement, sand and binders. It is reinforced with galvanized steel wire and hand packed into custom forms built for each project. Three surface styles are produced: the original mottled “pressed” surface, hard trowelled and ground finishes.

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