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Slab Pro Material handler

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Slab Pro Material handler

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Slab Pro Material handler

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I had the opportunity to meet Josh Thiel, the developer of a Totally New Concept in Slab Handling, the Slab Pro. This unique rolling rack can be used for fabrication, transportation, and safe installation of a slab up to 142” long and 82” wide with a weight of up to 2000 pounds, crazy, I know. What sets this handle apart from any others on the market is its ability to hold the slab, rotate it for fabrication and installation. Once on site, the countertop is positioned over the cabinets with the finished side up and lowered into place. The Handler works well with Stone, Granite, Concrete, and Solid Surface and engineered Stone, basically, all Hard Surfaces. Most installations can be done with just two men and a trailer. Not only does it cut down on the amount of Manpower needed at the job site it increases the safety level tremendously, it is almost a hands-free operation. Do the math: Let’s say you have an island slab to install that is 5’x10’. A slab this size would take 8-10 men about 5 hours to offload it, carry it into the jobsite, and place it on the cabinets, The cost for lost labor would be approx 1000.00 give or take a few dollars depending on the travel time to the site. I say hours because I used to manage installations and I know for a fact that a 2 hour install takes at least 4-5 hours, especially if it runs thru lunch and a break. So let’s say 5 hours or 50 man hours, at a cost of approximately 30.00 per hour that makes 1500.00. Now let’s take into account the fabrication time lost while 8 of those men are out helping the installers., we will use an average cost of 25.00 per hour for this calculation. 25x 30 is 750. Now add the 750 to the 1500 and you have a total of 2250.00. That is providing you don’t damage that island top during the process and there is a fair chance they will using typical A-frame methods and hands on installation, not to mention the increased chance of a man hurting his back and being out another day or two. But let’s say the top is not broken and no one is hurt during the installation, you still have a cost of 2250 for the install. Assuming you agree with my calculations, cost of the basic Slab Pro would be recovered in about 5 installations and you and your installers look totally professional. Imagine being able to send just two installers to a jobsite to install a 4’x 8’ island with a waterfall end drop on one or both ends. Until now this was impossible, an installation this size would take most every fabricator out of the shop for at least half a day. Not only is your installation done safely by fewer men, your shop stays productive while they are out installing. The base unit will be available for 11,500 but Josh is taking deposits on preorders for a 15% discount. Call us at specialtytools.com and we will put you in touch with Josh to answer all your questions and to place you order. For those of you, who think out of the box, think of the rental potential of this unit to smaller shops in your area? Be the first in your area to own one of these great material handlers.

The base price for the handler is 9985.00 and optional accessories are available. Call our office at 904 553 8317 and we will put you in touch with Josh.


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