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Thermablok 3/8

The majority of thermal transmission in a standard insulated stud wall travels through the mechanical link, usually the studs. Thermablok, which is 99.8% air, interrupts this thermal path quickly and economically. Installation of the product is accomplished by attaching Thermablok to the stud edge before drywall or sheeting is put up. Thermablok comes with a simple pull and stick adhesive back for easy, clean installation. No messy adhesives required.

Thermablok technology couldn't have been made available to the public at a better time. Conservation is of course faster, and much less expensive than producing more energy.

  • Other benefits include:

    • Significant saving in energy costs
    • Unaffected by moisture, mold or water
    • Easily applied via stick-on back.
    • "Class A" fire rated
    • Economical
    • Adds acoustical isolation
    • Made in USA
    • Virtually no weight means low cost shipping

For more information on your particular project call John @ 800 669 5519 ext 101
or email him at the link below.


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