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Inlay Kits


Solid Color Inlay Kit Includes:

6 Bottles of Color
6 Bottles of Hardner
6 New Caps
6 Needles
6 Mixing Sticks

 Inlays Kits generally take two to three days to produce and ship from Arizona . Please allow time for materials to arrive.

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Competition in the solid surface arena can be stiff but a creative fabricator can easily be distanced from other fabricators by creating "works of art" in their tops and inlays can do just that. The inlay kit from Align Rite takes all the hassle out of creating colorful inlays in acrylic, polyesters and wood. The process is really quite simple. You may want to try one on your next job.

Color Matching:
Our vendor no longer offers Custom Color matching, the colors on the website are the only colors available. If that changes we will let you know.


It's this simple:

Prepare the surface by cleaning the inlay area of all dust and wipe with alcohol. An overflow dam will be constructed around the inlay area using pinched up masking tape, clay or a silicon bead. The dam will allow you to overfill the inlay area so air bubbles can rise above the finish inlay.

Next you'll mix the two jars of materials together. With a mixing stick you'll gently mix the filler with the resin using a circular motion to reduce air bubbles. Pouring slowly, fill the entire area between the dams with the mixture being sure to fill over the depth of the inlay. A paper clip or toothpick can be used to poke the inside edges of the inlay to remove any air bubbles. To ensure all bubbles are removed take a dual action orbital sander loaded with a fine grit paper and apply it to the top near the edges of the dam. The vibration created by the sander will bring air bubbles to the top of the mixture.

Once the inlay hardens (approximately 24 hours) you can sand or ski off the excess material. A complete set of instructions comes with the kit.

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