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Bearing Guides

Bearing Guides


If you've ever lost a bearing while routing please read on. Bearings are probably the most abused tool accessory in the average shop. As small as they are they can cause big damage if they are not cared for properly. A simple drop of bearing lube could mean the difference between an on time install and a fabricating disaster.


A bearing rotates at about 25,000 rpm. Think about it, this small steel roller with even smaller balls inside travels at this high rate of speed and it's the only thing holding the bit away from the top. If the balls heat up the bearing seizes resulting in disaster. A bearing sleeved with a Teflon ring is even more susceptible to heat damage. The bearing heats up and softens the ring resulting in failure. Again, a simple drop of bearing lubricant could have greatly reduced this risk of failure.


Bearings need to be inspected and lubricated ever time they are used and sometimes while they are being used. It's not rocket science and it only takes a second. Even a brand new bearing used without lubrication will result in failure. You wouldn't run your car without oil why would you run a router bit without lubricating the bearing?

The next time you're ready to rout in a bowl stop and think: do I feel lucky today?


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