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Ceiling Hung Units

JDS Air-Tech Systems

    For the past 12 years JDS has been leading the industry in Air Filtration. Our unique design incorporates numerous features that are not found in other air filtration appliances. The quality of construction, performance, and our great customer service combine to set the JDS Air-Tech apart from all the others.

The JDS Air-Tech comes to you fully assembled and ready to use with all filters included. (Just hang it up and plug it in). Our unique slide in , slide out filter system allows you to change filters quickly and easily without the use of any tools. “Side loading” filters are a major advantage over “front loading” filters. “Side loading” filters slide in top and bottom tracks that create an air-tight seal around the filter, eliminating air that may escape above or around the filters. In a “front loading” filter system there is the possibility of air by-pass above and around the filters resulting in inefficient air filtering.

There are three filters used in the JDS Air-Tech system. The first filter is a washable electrostatic pre-filter that has a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The second filter is a high efficiency multi-pocket bag-filter that will remove 99% of dust particles as small as five microns and 91% of particles as small as one micron in size.

The third filter is a coarse fiber diffusing filter which disperses the air flow across the 12”x 24” exit opening. This reduces the velocity of the air without reducing the volume of the air flow. This unique feature eliminates the “Turbulent Blast” and additional noise that is often experienced when the filtered air exits an appliance through a small exit port. This diffusing filter can be replaced by an adsorbing charcoal filter that can eliminate smoke, odors, chemicals, and other fumes. By installing the charcoal filter “downstream” from the particulate trapping filters, only clean air passes through the charcoal filter, which enhances the performance and extends the life of the activated charcoal.

    The model 750-ER is equipped with a convenient LCD Remote Control with speed and timer functions. This remote allows you to view all Air-Tech settings in the palm of your hand. If needed, Air-Tech functions can also be set manually on the receiver panel, located on the side of the unit.

These features, as well as others, are what makes the JDS Air-Tech “Better by Design”.

    Workers exposed to fine particulates have experienced a variety of adverse health effects such as eye and skin irritation, allergy, reduced lung function, asthma, and nasal cancer. The JDS Air-Tech high efficiency air filtration unit will dramatically improve the quality of the air that you breathe.

    Machinery is often quipped with a device to collect dust and lint at the source. It will capture large particulates that would normally fall to the floor. Regardless of how well a collection system works, large quantities of microscopic dust still manages to become airborne. JDS Air-Tech filtration systems will remove the microscopic contaminants and create a cleaner, healthier environment.

How to figure out which model(s) you'll need for your shop.

Cubic feet equals length x width x height. For shops with a ceiling height above 12" use 12 as you height dimension and hang your unit at the 12' level. An air "ceiling" will be created at 12'

JDS AIR-TECH 200 Air Handling Chart

(Cubic Feet)        Model 750    Model 8-12    Model 10-16    Model 2400

1,600- 7,500               1

7,501-12,500              2                   1                     1

12,501-16,000            3                    2                    1

16,001-22,000            3                    2                    2

22,001-26,000            4                    2                    2                  1

26,001-32,000                                  3                    2                  2

32,001-50,000                                  4                    3                  2

50,001-63,000                                  5                    4                  3

63,001-75,000                                  6                    5                  3

75,001-87,000                                  7                    6                  4



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