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Columns taller than 27-1/2" are no longer available pre-assembled. If you want to build a column you will need to purchase enough Table Bases of the correct diameter to total the height of you column. You can create a slip joint using a 1/8 Rabetting bit by running it around the inside of one Table Base and the out side of another. Glue and stanck the bases until the proper height is required. Note: Cut the last tTable Base to lenght before you stack them.

NOTE....Many of the Curved Plywood pieces ship Oversize or Common Carrier. Our website is not capable of handling these extra charges accurately. If you would like to know the actual cost BEFORE you pay for your order please place your items in your cart as if you are ordering. When you get to the payment page check the box that says Net 30 or Call Back required. You will not have to enter in any credit card information. We will quote the order with shipping and call or email you to get your card number and approval to ship.



When ordering Plywood please use the terms Net 30 days or Call back required at checkout. You card will not be charged and we will call you with a freight rate.