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Santa Visit

Something you probably don’t know about my wife Karen and I, is that we are the Town of Mooresville Santa and Mrs. Clause. We have done the Claus’s for about four years now volunteering our time at Charity events and some local paid events. We drop into the Silly Chickens Lodge to rest up a bit before My Midnight ride around the Word.

Since covid many of the Santa Events have been cancelled and many moms and dads just don’t want to take their kids out to see a Store Santa. We decided to host one on one virtual visits with Santa, Mrs. Claus and the children via Zoom. If you have little ones of your own or Grandchildren that would like to see us just click the link to sign up. Once you pick a date you will be asked a few questions about your children (you can have up to 3 per visit) so we can have a more personal interaction with them. We can also handle larger groups, for those we charge by the ½ hour but we can make it as exciting for the kids as you would like. You ca send the names of the children who will be there and their particulars like age, things they did over the summer, what they will be getting from “Santa” this year and so one. We are pretty flexible and we really want the kids to enjoy the time with Santa and Mr Clause. If you want to creat an event email me at [email protected] and I will get it set upu for yu. All you will need on your end is a laptop or if you want to make a bigger splash have the laptop shared on a large TV screen.

Click this link to schedule your one on one visit with Santa and Mrs Clause

The cost is 30.00 per 15 minute visit and you can have up to 3 children on the visit.
We can also handle group events like Christmas parties, Family Christmas or Community groups.  Email to [email protected] with any questions you may have.  Rates for groups are 60.00 per half hour and we will see as many children as the half hour lasts.


This is our first year working via Zoom so please bear with us. If we run out of dates available and you would like to see more please contact me thu [email protected] and we will try to add more. We do quite a few charity events and get booked quickly. We hope to see many of you as we can and we hope to make your childs (Children) a more memorable event.

If you know of someone who would like to visit us please feel free to share our link via any social media you wish.

Thanks again

Santa and Mrs Clause

Santa and Mrs Claus
this is the link for one on one sign up. Copy and paste this into your browser if it does not connect directly