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Floor Sanding Abrasives is proud to offer the Mercer Abrasives line of abrasives for the Flooring Industry.

Mercer Abrasives, a Division of Mercer Tool Corp., 
Manufacturer of Quality Abrasives. 

Modest Beginnings
Mercer Tool Corp. was founded in 1968 on Mercer Street in New York City, on the simple concept of supplying industrial markets in North America desperately needing high quality, cost-effective products. What began as a small enterprise—a file company—has expanded into a corporation with a comprehensive range of products and extended global reach.

Global Presence
With ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in more than 10 countries, 
Mercer Abrasives has worldwide brand recognition. Products are sold globally in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. 

Products Professionals Expect and Want: The Best Abrasives at the Best Prices
Professionals of all trades—from drywall to flooring, industrial and automotive—look to Mercer Abrasives for its full line of technologically advanced, superior quality and long-lasting bonded and coated abrasives, and diamond blades as well as its laminate and industrial files. To round out the vast product line, Mercer also carries NIOSH, OSHA and ANSI approved safety products, making it the professionals’ one-stop source for all their project needs.

The Mercer Advantage
Mercer Tool Corp. is headquartered in Deer Park, New York and has sales and distribution centers in Fullerton, California and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The strategic location of these facilities provides a unique advantage over the competition by allowing Mercer to supply its products through distribution to manufacturers for “just-in-time” inventory. 

The Mercer Commitment
Today, these five words—Quality, Performance, Delivery, Service, and Price—are the core values for this third generation family business which now includes a worldwide presence in the culinary trade with its award-winning knives and accessories for the professional chef.

With four decades and three generations of history, Mercer is committed to serving its customers and providing quality products for years to come.