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Performance Micron Film

If you have purchased Micron paper from us in the past it was probably 3M brand. 3M is a little more expensive than this Performance brand but most of our customers prefer it. It's your call, we just wanted to point out the differance.


Micron film backed discs for use on solid surface and Acrylics

Probably the easiest way to explain micron paper is this: Let say you have a 100 grit sandpaper, this means that no grit on the paper is greater than 100 but there could be many on the paper at a lesser grit size. This inconsistency could cause swirls to show up on the surface being sanded. On Micron paper the grit is consistent across the entire surface producing a more even finish. Micron paper is available is several microns. We stock the range from 100 to 15, 100 being the coarser of the range. 5", 6" & 8" discs are packed 25 pieces per pack. 11" discs are sold as individual pieces.


For your convenience we have supplied you with a Grit Conversion Chart

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