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Abralon Discs

Mirka recommends Abralon for use on all Solid Surface materials, these discs out perform non-woven pads and eliminate the need for messy polishing compounds. Surface finishes from Matte to High Gloss can be achieved quickly and easily following the steps recommended below. These steps are a result of fabricator input to Mirka Reps and may be different from recommendations we have made in the past. Once your top has been finished thru a 60-micron or 220 grit continue with Abralon Discs, starting with a 360 pad. Use the finish discs listed to get to the finish required. If you're using Abralon pads dry it's recommended you brush the surface clean between pads. We recommend our horsehair brush listed below. If your working wet, wipe the area clean between pads with a water Squeegee. These Abralon pads are 6" diameter. A 3/8" thick foam interface pad is also available. This pad is loop one side to stick to your back-up pad and hook the other to attach your Abralon pad to. They are great for getting into a cove splash and working inside a bowl.


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