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All About Tools Live Videos


 Our video area is under "re construction" and should be available early in April. In the mean time you can see all our videos on YouTube. Just search when you get there.


"All About Tools Live" was the world's first LIVE interactive tool show. Brought to you by Specialty, it focused on high-end Solid Surface, Plastic Laminate, Woodworking, and Flooring tools. This unique show allowed the audience to interact live with the show's hosts, seasoned tool experts Ken Pfister and John Michaels as they demonstrated and reviewed the latest tools to the industry.

"Home Improvement" was a hit sitcom series, starring Tim "The Tool Man” Taylor, with tools being the main focus of the show. Yet a LIVE tool show with audience participation had never been done.  The “All About Tools Live ” series was actually the result of months of  “You know what we should do?” conversations between the hosts of the new series; John Michaels and Ken Pfister of, the shows sponsor, has grown to become an industry leader since it opened its doors in
Buffalo, NY in 1986. Its owner, John Michaels, was involved in a 21 man shop for years and is well versed in the ins and outs of running a small to medium size shop. John holds several tool patents and has spoken across the nation at seminars and trade shows about tools and various techniques. Although John’s hands-on background is

John Michaels
John Michaels






in the plastic laminate and wood field, as the company has grown, his knowledge has expanded to solid surface. His experience combined with his unique humor, promises to give the show an unusual angle, to say the least.



Ken Pfister
Ken Pfister





Ken Pfister, former General Manager of, has an extensive background in the solid surface and construction industry. His 30 plus years in the field has provided him with a wealth of knowledge about most every job-related tool in the industry. His hands-on experience includes fabrication, sales, shop management, and teaching. Ken also appeared on

three seasons of an ever popular home improvement series featured on Public Television.

The show took on a new marketing twist in both the media in which it will be presented, as well as the interaction it offered. To begin with, the show aired live via the Internet one night a week. The length of each episode was determined by the interaction of the viewing audience. Viewers werel be able to ask questions and receive immediate answers by sending an instant message to Toolguyslive from either Yahoo!, MSN, or AOL. This interaction proved to be both educational and sometimes entertaining.

The show aired for 38 weeks beginning in October of  2008 and was discontinued when the US economy slowed. The shows are still watched on average of 1000 times per month and still prove to both educational and humorous.

Each Episode is a category in the left column. Click the episode to see what tools were demonstrated on the show that night. You can click the link to watch the video streaming. Grab a bag of popcorn, sit back and get ready to laugh, learn and laugh some more.