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Modulus Scoring Attachment


This item is currently out of stock and we do not kow when they will be available.

We demostrated the Modulus on an Episode of All About Tools Live. Click the link below to watch the episode. The unit is purchased as a Left or Right hand unit. If you are standing at your saw and the top of the blade tilts to the left you have a Left Hand unit. The opposite goes for a Right  Hand unit. You will also need to pruchase a bracket for your saw. To determine which bracket you will need open the PDF marked Bracket Locator. Find the bracket you will need and place that item in your cart. When you click on the Left or Right Tilt attachement you will see the brackets listed on the right column under Related Products.





About the attachment

Inexpensive CHIP FREE panel cutting is becoming more and more difficult to achieve as shops increase their use of Melamine panels. Until the introduction of this Scoring Saw attachment, you had to invest in either an expensive Scoring Saw or a lot of Thin Kerf Blades. The cost of this unit is a lot less than a scoring saw and about equal to just 4 thin kerf blades.

 I had a chance to use the unit while I had a shop in New York. I've got to say, I am impressed with the entire unit. At first look I thought it might be a little "Mickey Mouse", but the unit is a high quality, precision piece of equipment. I installed my Modules unit on a 10" Powermatic, (the unit fits on most any 10" saw). The initial set up was a little confusing but I managed to muddle through it. You have to install a small bracket inside the saw (sold separately) where the blade guard is installed (or should be). In the case of the Powermatic, I had to remove a small amount of material from the underside of the blade cover plate to allow room for the scoring blade. I am told that removal is not necessary on all models.

After the initial install (about 1 hour), the unit is removed and installed in about the same time as it takes to change a regular blade. Set up is easy! The Modulus unit slips onto and is powered by the same arbor that runs the blade now. Installation is accomplished by raising the blade height all the way, slipping the attachment on the arbor, installing the arbor nut and lowering the blade adjuster. Its that simple! The main blade, a 6-1/4" 40 tooth carbide, is run by the saw arbor, the 2 piece scoring blade, a 2-1/8" 14 tooth carbide, is belt driven off the main blade. Adjusting for a Chip Free cut is done in a few minutes. The depth of both the main blade and the scoring blade are made with the blade depth adjuster on the saw (depth of cut is 1-1/8"). As the main blade reaches maximum height, the scoring blade begins to rise (it kind of pivots on the arbor and the bracket you've installed). The scoring blade is adjustable from left to right so that it can be lined up with the main blade. For those of you who aren't familiar with scoring saws, the scoring blade runs in the opposite direction of the main blade producing a chip free climb cut. The scoring blade is a few thousandths wider that the main blade so the main blade doesn't chip on the down stroke. As you can imagine, the scoring blade must be aligned properly. When you are done cutting with the attachment, you simply remove the arbor nut, raise the blade adjuster all the way up and remove it. All adjustments, except height, remain intact so the you are ready the next time you install the unit.

To sum things up, the Modulus scoring attachment is a maintenance free, self contained unit that quickly installs on most any 10" table saw. It produces a Chip Free cut on Melamine, Laminates and Veneers. It runs quiet and it runs long between sharpening. Sharpening can be done by any qualified saw sharpener or we can sharpen them for $22.50 a set. Taking into account set up time, unit a cost of $450.00 (includes the blade set) plus a bracket for $69.95, and the fact that this unit really works, It's my opinion that the purchase of this unit will end up being one of you better decisions!

Old style Scoring Attachment :The old style scoring unit had a single piece conical shaped scoring blade. These units can be converted to the new style 2 pc scoring blade by purchasing the M06-NSBA, this set up includes the blades. The advantage of the two piece set is that it will still score if the panel rises slightly from the bed of the saw. If you have any questions please call our 800 number at your convenience.

The Modulus fits all these saw models and more: General 350 Cabinet Saw Grizzly 10'' Super Heavy Duty Tilting Arbor Saw Powermatic 66 Cabinet Saw Grizzly 10'' Heavy Duty Contractors Saw Powermatic 63 Artisans Saw Sunhill 10'' Contractors Saw Delta Unisaw ,King KC-10 DS, King KC-10RC, King KC-10MC Delta Contractors Saw ITC 53-10100HD Jet Cabinet Saw, Jet Contractors Saw TradeMaster, Durex, plus many more ! Don't see your saw here, Call us!


SS-100 Upgrade - Scoring Saw Attachment. A 2-piece type scoring blade, with factory installed precision shims, a major improvement over the previous 1-piece type blade, with conical/tapered tip geometry, for totally chip free cuts (even when the panel stock leaves the table saw top)

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