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Specialtytools.com offering something never befor seen in our industry, a buying CO-OP



Join our 2022 CO-OP


Most all of you know a CO-OP is a membership Club like Sams Club or Costco, A club where the membership brings the cost of items down and keeps the customers coming back to the store. Anyone can purchase at the retail price listed on our site our site but CO-OP members see a discounted price on most all the consumable we offer. It will be open to all customers who subcribe and you can start saving with your order today. If you join the Co-op you will receive 25% off most all you consumables including Seam adhesive, mixing tips, saw blades, hot melt glue, sandpaper and more. Your purchase today can qualify if you join our Co-op buy purchasing our subscription plan. There is no cost to join and costs just 14.95 per month. You can opt out at any time. When you join you will have a status of Extreme Fabricator, after 6 months in the Co-Op your membership will automatically be upgraded to Master Fabricator and will include larger more expensive items offering you the opportunity to save even more. We plan to add material handling items and fabrication tools.

Join today and whatever items in your cart that are in the program will be discounted 25%When we receive your membership we will register you and every time you log on to the site you will see the retail price and your Co-Op price.

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In order to see the Discounted Prices online you will need to create and account. You will not see then am a guest.

We currently have the following items in the Extreme discount group:

Scuff & Buff Pads

All Velepec Router Bits

All Dani Design Products

All 3m Micron Papers

All Popular Tools Saw Blades

All Artisan Adhesives Joint Adhesives

All Mixing Tips

All Diamond Tec Products

Plasticut Files

Simmonds Files

Everlast Saw Blades

 We will email as we add product lines

You can opt out at any time and if we decide to stop the program your recurring payments will stop immediatly.


The 14.95 will be a recurring fee your your card. I order to use your 35% discount you will need to order online at specialtytools and login. You have to agree to sign up for a minimum of 3 months. If after 3 months you find the program is not for you simply opt out by sending us an email or logging into your PayPal account. Once there go to pay and get paid then click on subscriptions. It is as simple as that, we will be notified and take you off the program. If you choose to join the program you will enjoy 25% off most every product you purchase on a regular basis. We will also be implementing a subscription option so you can have your most common items delivered on a schedule you choose. So no more “hey boss we are out of tips or “I need 60 micron to finish this job.”

To get started you will have to fill out the form and purchase the item below Setup will take a a Day or two but once we get rolling there will be little to no effort to find and order your items. You will need to log in so we know you are an Extreme Fabricator member, you will see on our website the regular price and your discounted member price when you logg in to the site.

We will be adding new product to the program every month so you will continue o save on your regular items. Click the link below to sign up and we will send you what you need to get to get Enrolled. Once enrolled we will set you up as an Extreme fabricator Member and you can get started saving on your day to day supplies.

You need to order the item below in order to activate your Extreme Fabricators Discount.


John Michaels