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Welcome to Specialtytools.com, one of the most comprehensive sites for fabricators of wood, plastic laminate, solid surface and stone. Specialtytools.com opened its doors, well actually its telephone lines, in 1986 in Buffalo , NY . At that time we had just two products to offer the industry. Over the years our offering has grown to exceed 10,000 items, all with our guarantee of satisfaction. We pride ourselves in offering not only products that work but education of those products as well. We offer countless hours of video as well as links to our tool show "All About Tools Live". Enjoy our site and take your time looking around. If you have any questions about how an item works, how to fabricate or where to get training just give us a call and we will be glad to help.
On a personal note I would to thank all those customers that have continued to support us in this struggling economy. Like many of you we have been forced to downsize to keep expenses low and the doors open. It is a humbling experience and one we all should learn from. While we continue to grasp for the golden ring of happiness we need to stop and rethink what happiness really is. John Michaels

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