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Vac Clamps

V-Clamp, Powered by compressed air

 V-Clamps are designed to hold non-porous objects using compressed air.Simply connect up to your compressed air supply and V-Clamp is workin. There are no moving parts inside the clamps. The only thing that can wear out is the replaceable rubber seal. Use multiple clamps running from one air supply for larger piecesl Retrofit them to your CNC machine to give you the flexibility that you want.
Made from injection moulded nylon, so it won't damage cutters or your workpiece.

Here are a few short clip videos of the V-Clamp.

Holding your work
Mounting your clamp
Vacuum Jigs
Holding small parts

Holding large parts


How much power?
Installing air lines
Holding irregular materials
CNC Face Plugs





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