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March 10th 2014  Specialtytools launched it's new website today. It's faster, cleaner and more user friendly.

March 15th 2014  We installed and tested a new chat software program that allows us to see you while you are on our site. You all look like Wee People on our monitor. If you are a guest we can see where you are from and how many times you have visited our site. We can also see what items you are interested in and what is in your cart. Karen says it's kind of creepy but it is actually designed to help us to better serve you. We can open a chat to you and offer you specials on shipping and answer questions you may have. We can and will set up automated messages directed to specific pages you may be on. John is currently servicing the chat line so if you stop by and just want to say hello click the chat button to the right of your screen. If we are offline the chat button will not be seen.

March 22nd 2014  Our Mobile Website was launched today and our App for Android OS will be available on the 24th. Our App for Apple OS should be available April 1st. If you register on our site and chose to store your credit card information on line you will be able to access it and place your order in minutes. Use our Wishlist to add items as you move througout your day. When your done simply move it to the shopping cart and send it off.