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3M Univac and 3M Abrasives announces the new 360L and 236U lines of sandpaper. Designed for the Solid Surface and Woodworking industries The unique hole pattern, which we here at have dubbed "Univac", works well on all sanders with dust collection. The pad is covered with a "Pinwheel" design of small holes. Our tests showed that dust extraction is immediate when used with the Festool RO125 FEQ and the CT22 E Dust extractor. 3M also offers a sander specifically designed to be used with thisd paper. Similar results should be achieved with any sander using dust collection.

The 236U is an aluminum oxide product on "C" weight paper and has been designed to be used in dry applications. Grits are available from P120-P600.
The 360L is also an aluminum oxide product but it's purple in color and is bonded to a film, not paper backing, enabling it to be used wet or dry. This disc uses high end aluminum oxide. This abrasive is screened and blown so the end result is a more uniform product. Grits are available from P220-P1000
Both products are currently available in 5" and  6" Discs
We demonstrated the Univac product on an episode of All About Tools Live. Click the link to watch the clip.

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