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Gruber Seamless

Gruber Seamless

Note: The Seamless brand adhesive is a new formula and requires a new "winged" style mixing tip G05-SSSM250-T. It will not work with either tips you may be used to. Please make sure you order tips when you purchase Seamless brand adhesive. Seamless™ Standard Cure Speed Solid Surface Adhesive

For versatile, durable and virtually invisible seaming of solid surface, engineered stone materials and other materials! | Seamless Adhesives are available in 26 colors stocked for compatibility with most solid surface manufacturer’s stock. These adhesives offer Superior bonding performance and are Easily dispensed with 10:1 ratio manual or pneumatic guns. Choose from two cure speeds for a diverse range of conditions - choose from Standard Cure or Rapid Cure speed formulations. Seamless cartridges require mixing tip G05-SSSM250-T Seamless Adhesive is a specially formulated, two-part 10:1 ratio universal solid surface seam adhesive. It offers excellent adhesion to a variety of solid surface sheet materials including cast acrylic, cast and densified polyester.

Seamless is equally adept as a high-quality adhesive for other dissimilar materials such as natural stone, engineered stone, and wood-based products. Note: For materials other than solid surface, we recommend testing on a material sample before use to verify compatibility. The adhesive exhibits excellent performance in resisting water, impact, wear, scuff, boiling water, and high temperatures. Seamless Adhesives are easily dispensed with 10:1 ratio manual or pneumatic guns, and mixer tips and other accessories are also available. 26 different colors are stocked for compatibility with virtually all solid surface sheet materials. Ensure you select the right color for your brand of Solid Surface material with our extensive compatibility database of laboratory-tested compatibility matches to most solid surface materials! Seamless Standard Cure Adhesive is available in industry-standard 250ml cartridges. They are packaged in boxes of 10 units, but can be purchased individually. All Seamless cartridges are priced per individual tube. Quantity discounts are available. Prompt color matches are available – call for more information.

Air Shipments require an additional HAZMAT fee of $35.00