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Adhesives / Joint

Adhesives / Joint

 Specialtytools.com offers a full line of Solid Surface Adhesives, Gun and Tips.
Choosing a brand is a matter of preference, actually they are all pretty much the same. 
All our joint adhesives are a 10:1 mix and requires a special gun and tips. 

If you have no preference in manufacturers you may want to choose
by your location to save on time and shipping costs.

If you are West of the Mississippi order our Artisan Adhesives.
If you are East order our GlueBoss Adhesive.

Adhesives cannot be shipped via Air


Finding a Color Match.

To find a color match for the material you are fabricating just type the name of the material
in the search box at the top center of the page.
There is no need to enter the manufacturer, just the color.
Everything related to the color you enetered will apear on the page including edgebanding, caulking
and of course Adhesives